Your New Condominium for Owner-Occupancy in Cologne-Poll

More and more people who browse property listings or directly turn to an estate agent are looking to buy a condominium for owner-occupancy. Why pay rent if making monthly payments over a similar amount will buy you a piece of property? Getting a condominium for owner-occupancy has proven to be a great opportunity in Poll, a district in the borough of Cologne-Porz. This district on the right bank of the Rhine is characterised by medium-density development and moderate population density, plus by many quiet green spots directly on the riverbank. Nonetheless, a short commute will take you to the inner city of Cologne and the good times to be had in its historic town centre. The multi-dwelling unit at Rolshover Kirchweg 80-82 consists of 17 residential units of varying dwelling floor area and well suited as new home for singles or small families close to the inner city.


Condominiums for Owner-Occupiers: Cologne-Poll Pairs a Quiet Setting with Proximity to the Inner City

Cologne is growing steadily and could soon have a population of 1.2 million, according to an official forecast. Its bullish economic situation and many cultural highlights keep attracting people, especially younger ones looking for a job in the vibrant media landscape of Cologne, for instance. Perhaps you are one of these new arrivals?

If so, chances are that you are looking for a property listing that will let you have peace and quiet after work but not at the price of a lengthy commute to the city. Owner-occupying a condominium in Cologne-Poll is the perfect way to combine the two advantages. Located on the right bank, this district is quiet and still close to the inner city while the price level nicely suits the young and ambitious people who wish to start their career in Cologne. The property at Rolshover Kirchweg offers a number of flats with varying dwelling floor areas, with or without a parking spot, but most with basement locker and balcony. There is something for everyone.


Find a New Condominium for Owner-Occupancy in Cologne-Poll

The street Rolshover Kirchweg straddles the district boundary to neighbouring Deutz, and runs past the sprawling park-like greenery of the local cemetery. Still, only a few hundred metres separate you from the nearest bridge across the Rhine, with Cologne’s vibrant town centre awaiting you on the other side. The best place to relax outdoors is even closer to home, Poller Wiesen on the right bank, while culinary and cultural delights are readily available in the Südstadt district – and an owner-occupied condominium in Cologne-Poll puts all of it within reach for you.

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