For Owner-Occupancy: Your Condominiums in Cologne-Niehl

In Niehl, a sub-district of the Nippes borough that borders on the north end of the inner city, lies this peaceful residential complex with its well-appointed 2-bedroom flats on a dwelling floor area of 47 square metres each and 3-bedroom flats with footprints of roughly 67 square metres. The multi-unit dwellings on Schlenderhaner Strasse are surrounded by plenty of greenery and optimally integrated into the public transport system. The well-maintained buildings are home to a loyal community of tenants who feel very much at home in their quarter. Balconies or patios with access to a garden section supplement the convenient layout of the flats and create a pleasant ambience. They provide another great way to take it easy in a peaceful setting.

As recently as the 20th century, the Niehl sub-district of Köln-Nippes used to be quaint fishing village. Its character began to change when large enterprises moved in, the Ford car factory being a case in point. Today, the sub-district in the northern part of Cologne is home to the German and European head office of the Ford Motor Company and to a large automobile production plant. The port of Niehl counts among the most advanced and industrially most significant ones in Cologne. With 1.4 million square metres overall, four port basins and 14 crane systems, it is also the largest of all local ports.

On top of all that, there are charming green spaces in the vicinity just outside Niehl, for example the “Nippeser Tälchen” in the north, “Nippeser Schweiz” toward the south-west, “Lohsepark” in the south and “Johannes-Giesberts-Park” in the east.

So, do not hesitate, but secure an investment of lasting value in Cologne by acquiring a condominium for owner-occupancy. Do give us a call – we will gladly advise you!

Condominium in Cologne for Owner-Occupancy

Cologne’s charm is composed from a variety of ingredients. For one thing, there is its optimal location in a green setting while being connected to all major modes of transportation. The ancient metropolis on the Rhine, which keeps reinventing itself, counts among the most important and most vibrant art and culture hubs in Germany. In addition to the cathedral, the heritage sites from the days of the Romans, the many Romanesque churches and vibrant cultural scene, Cologne is also known for far beyond the city limits for its museums with their top-notch collections.

At the same time, it is a rather green town, with the outer green belt creating a leafy ribbon that ties the city to its surrounding countryside. Extending over a total area of around 800 hectares—roughly half of it being woodlands—the outer green belt represents the largest municipal green space. Economically, Cologne’s significance is due to its mix of different business sectors. Trade and industry have traditionally played a big role, the chemical industry, for one, being firmly established. In addition to the services and logistics sectors, Cologne is also internationally known as innovative and young media location.

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Our Movie: The Purchase of a Property with Accentro
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