Quiet and Well-Appointed Condominium as Buy-to-Let Investment in Rheinberg

Northwest of the Ruhr, where the Lower Rhine meanders without haste through its flood plain, lies Rheinberg. Just like the neighbouring towns of Voerde, Dinslaken or Kamp-Lintfort, Rheinberg combines the tranquillity and ease of the countryside with a convenient proximity to major cities like Duisburg and Essen. The multi-dwelling unit at Katte Kull 38-40 profiled here is located in the Wallach locality of Rheinberg’s district of Borth. Raised in 1974, the property divides into eleven residential units of varying sizes on a plot of 1,702 square metres. Wallach is a decidedly popular place to live, not least because the Rhine is only a few hundred metres away. There is even a river beach in the immediate vicinity of the property on Katte Kull. These residential units are well suited as reliable income-producing assets in the medium-price segment or for owner-occupancy.


Medium-Price Condominiums as Buy-to-Let Investment in Rheinberg

Compared specifically to the rest of the state, Rheinberg counts among the economically more stable regions of North Rhine-Westphalia. This is due, for one thing, to its convenient transport connections by rail, road and waterway. The inland port of Orsoy, for instance, is used for shipping coal and ore, the port of Ossenberg for salt and limestone. Equally important are the companies based here. The Amazon conglomerate operates a logistics centre of 110,000 square metres and thus one of its largest European sites in Rheinberg. This is due primarily to the presence of large enterprises that operate plants or sites in or near the city, including Aldi, Amazon, the Solvay chemical group, as well as Esco mining and spirits manufacturer Underberg.

The Aldi supermarket chain also has a logistics centre here. Other major companies include the Solvay chemical plant, the Underberg spirits manufacturer and the Esco salt mine. Local residents working for these companies need conveniently located and affordable accommodation, and Katte Kull provides just that. Grouped with the mid-market price range, these condominiums qualify as ideal buy-to-let investments in Rheinberg.


Find the Perfect Condominium as Buy-to-Let Investment in Rheinberg

The property at Katte Kull 38-40 represents a well-appointed and partially refurbished building equipped with gas-fired central heating and basement. The eleven residential units are spread across ground floor, upper floor and attic, and range from 2- to 4-bedroom flats on footprints of about 40 to 78 square metres. All tenants have the option to separately rent a parking spot, too. Moreover, the ground-floor flats come with small private garden sections. In regard to both the fit-out features and the rent level and acquisition price, the income-producing properties at Katte Kull belong in the medium price segment. This has the advantage of combining a moderate property price and lower annuity with easy lettability due to heightened demand for just this asset type. The convenient location directly on the Lower Rhine acts as further enticement to attract tenant leads quickly and for plausible reasons.

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