Lasting value capital investment – Condo in Cologne-Niehl

Cologne has an average age of 42 and is therefore a pretty young city that extends its position as million metropolises with continuous growth. The demand for living space is above the offer. A good amount of incomers join the very heavy amount of ‘real Cologners’. The fluctuation in the city is not very high. That effects also the development of the real estate market. The consequence is – as in most metropolises of the Republic – an increase of rent- and purchase prices of properties, especially in sought-after inner-city and its bordering districts.

The attractiveness of Cologne is set together by different factors. First, it’s the ideal location in green environment while being connected to all important traffic routes. Secondly, Cologne profits on an economic scale from its diverse companies. Service providers, as well as the car industry have a heavy influence and not to forget the media scape. Good reasons for Cologne to be the top-notch of the most favored cities in Germany and in economic terms to rank amongst the top 7 of the whole country.

The quiet living ensemble is located in Niehl - as part of Nippes - north of the inner city, with its tenanted 2 to 3 room apartments. The apartment building in Schlenderhaner Straße is surrounded by loads of greenery and it’s ideally connected to the public transport system. In the well-groomed buildings a stable community of tenants live, that adore the district. Balconies or terraces with access to the garden share supply further comfort and a relaxing atmosphere.

The beneficial location of Nippes with all its parts of the district leads to a much faster growing number of residents compared to other districts. The vogue of the district also affects real estate prices. Nippes ranges with its rental prices of about 10 € per square meter close to Colognes average rental price.

Don’t hesitate and secure your condo in Cologne as a value stable investment for your future. Please feel free to contact us – we happily consult you!