Condominium as Buy-to-Let Investment in Cologne-Poll

As a city of more than a million people, Cologne does not really need a lengthy introduction. The metropolis on the Rhine has long counted among the economically and culturally leading German cities, and is equally fascinating to locals and tourists with its sights, customs and carnival culture. For investors, commitments in Cologne have always been rewarding, both in the high- and in the mid-price segment. The city has been growing for decades and is expected to grow by another 20 percent between now and 2040, according to a forecast by the State Chancellery. The demand for housing is growing apace. Acquiring a condominium as buy-to-let investment in Cologne-Poll is therefore a great opportunity to generate sustainable long-term returns. Another important factor is the local economic strength. With an average annual GDP of 59,400 euros, the city is well ahead of the state and national average. According to the Prognos Future Atlas, a competitiveness index of German districts and cities, Cologne counts among the municipalities with a very bright outlook. This combination of demand and purchasing power makes a condominium in Cologne-Poll such an attractive financial investment.


Find a Condominium as Financial Investment in Cologne-Poll

The property presented here is located in the right-bank part of the city, in the district of Poll, to be exact, which in turn is part of the borough of Porz. But while Porz, as an amalgamated town, is slightly remote from Cologne proper, Poll borders directly on Deutz, which lies opposite the historic town centre on the left bank of the Rhine.

This favourable location makes a condominium in Cologne-Poll such an attractive financial investment. Poll is rather quiet and hosts far fewer high-rises and commercial businesses than other districts of Cologne. One exception is the conspicuous tower housing the main office of TÜV Rheinland. The grassy bank of the Rhine, an area called Poller Wiesen, is a wonderful place for taking it easy, as is the option to rent a patch at the local allotment colony to grow your own vegetables. At the same time, a short ride across the nearest bridge will take you to the southern part of the historic town centre with all the cultural and gastronomic diversity it offers.


Property on Rolshover Kirchweg: Condominium as Buy-to-Let Investment in Cologne-Poll

Anyone looking for a condominium as buy-to-let investment in Cologne-Poll is well advised to check out the multi-dwelling unit at Rolshover Kirchweg 80-82. Located right across from the cemetery of Deutz, the property exemplifies the peaceful character of Poll. The building, raised in 1963, divides into 17 apartments, the majority of which come with a basement locker and balcony each. Moreover, the property includes six indoor garages which are separately let as parking spots. The flats range from one to three bedrooms in size. The fit-out standard is medium, which should ensure swift letting and sustained occupancy in this part of town. The aforementioned growth that the city is experiencing is likely to prompt an increase in rents as well, from which you as investor in a condominium in Cologne-Poll stand to benefit. We will gladly advise you as competent partner for the Cologne metro area – naturally, without charging you an agent fee.

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