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Anyone thinking about the purchase of a condo as part of the pension scheme should take a closer look to the metropolis regions, for example the Rhineland. Here one moves between cultural treasures, emotional history, a strong economy and a very special attitude towards life.

Welcome to Bedburg, located in the Rhine-Erft-area, which is ideally connected to the million metropolises Cologne. The rural district is forecasted, besides of all the metropolises in the region, to have the biggest influx in the next years, while it’s currently already the most populous state. Simultaneously most job offers are open in Rhineland and this leads, according to the IHK, to an economically leading position nationwide. This will affect the influx and the demand for living space in Bedburg.

Capital investment Bedburg – a region with high development potential

In Brucknerstraße, located south of Bedburg, a quiet, well-groomed and charming living area welcomes visitors as well as residents. Both, massively build brick facade, apartment houses from 1981 are situated in this street. The four-storey high building is surrounded by a green outdoor area with front yards and hedges, all in a well state. Brucknerstraße as well as the close neighborhood are mostly constructed as living streets, surrounded by old trees that convey a green and relaxing atmosphere.

The houses consist of good-rented 2 to 4 room apartments with sizes from 52 to 98 square meters. A highlight to mention is the elevator that is installed in both buildings as well as an underground parking space that belongs to each condo. The underground parking space furthermore offers the possibility to park bikes. This joint property as well as the staircases, the intercom and the inner letterboxes captivate through it’s well appearance.

Every condo gets a huge amount of daylight due to the fact of a room long loggia, which offers also cozy times in rainy hours. The ground floor condos have either access to their own garden share or a terrace. Further storage is offered in the different units through separate storage rooms. The 3 to 4 room condos have an additional guest toilet in order to offer higher comfort. The condos are supplied with heat through a gas-central-heating and have due to plastic windows an economical energy use.

The bathrooms are mostly supplied with bath tubs and tiled. Depending on the floor plan, the kitchens are either with or without windows and sometimes designed as open space kitchens.

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