Buying a Condominium: Rheinberg on the Lower Rhine

Life on the Lower Rhine is good. The region is interesting both in terms of scenery and business. If you are looking for a condominium in Rheinberg and plan to make it your main place of residence, you will surely find something among our listings. At the same time, the residential units in the apartment building in the district of Borth-Wallach that we present here are also suitable as income-producing properties. Local residents score high in terms of purchasing power and solvency, thanks to the presence of various international companies based in Rheinberg, including Amazon, Aldi and Underberg. Clever investors will always find reliable tenants for their assets in this town. Let us help you discover the versatile options for living or investing in Rheinberg. Make us your service provider for the real estate market in Rheinberg – with no agent fee charged, of course.


Condominiums in Rheinberg: Quaint and yet Almost Urban

Rheinberg lies north-west of the Ruhr, just a short ride from major cities like Duisburg or Oberhausen. Nonetheless, the mid-size city of 31,000 residents has a reputation of being peaceful and quiet. This makes Rheinberg the city of choice for those wanting the best of both: a bit scenic and a bit urban at the same time.

A commute of mere minutes will take you to major regional motorways (A57, A40, A42) and nearby federal routes. Alternatively, Rheinberg offers great transport links via river ferries or regional and long-distance rail service. In the town itself, you will enjoy the peacefulness of the Rhine floodplain, the river itself and the many green areas on either bank. There is even a popular river beach in the immediate vicinity of the subject property in the locality of Wallach. It would be hard to find a better way to reconcile urban culture and rural tranquillity.


Find Your Condominium in Rheinberg Right Here, with No Agent Fee

As real estate service provider for income-producing property and condominiums for owner-occupiers, we are currently retailing eleven residential units of different dwelling sizes. They are located in a partially refurbished multi-dwelling unit in the town’s northern locality of Wallach, just a few hundred metres from the Rhine riverbank. All flats come with a basement storage locker and optionally a parking spot for rent. The spacious ground-floor flats open onto patios with access to small private garden sections. The other flats feature a balcony each, perfect for catching some sun. The attic divides into two smaller 2-bedroom flats of about 40 square metres each that are perfectly suitable for a single-person household in owner-occupancy or for letting to a tenant. The other residential units have three to four bedrooms on dwelling floor areas of 62 to 78 square metres.


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