Buying a Condominium in Cologne on the Rhine – A City Vibrant not just during Carnival

The things instantly associated with Cologne are its landmark cathedral and its carnival tradition, yet leaving it at that would reduce the largest city in North Rhine-Westphalia to a cliché. Of course, the cathedral is Cologne’s main landmark and one of the most popular sights in Germany. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site visited by more than six million people annually. The Gothic cathedral has Europe’s second-tallest steeple at 157.38 metres and houses the Shrine of the Three Kings. But while the pointed spires of the cathedral and the carnival revellers may be the most common associations the name Cologne brings to mind, the city’s cultural diversity is, of course, not limited to them. 

Another landmark is the mighty River Rhine passing through this metropolis of more than a million. The settlements on either bank are as diverse as life in the city itself. Embark for a panoramic pleasure cruise at the promenade in the historic town centre, stroll through Cologne’s showpiece quarter at the Rheinau Port, or engage in leisure activities in the parklands of Rheinpark – no matter what you fancy doing, this multi-faceted city has it all.

Your Home and Life on the Rhine: Condominiums in Cologne

Another good place to explore Cologne is the historic town centre and Südstadt district on the left bank. Here, Cologne’s native joie-de-vivre interacts with multi-cultural diversity, illustrating the old adage that Cologne is a heartfelt state of mind. It is a vibrant way of life, and you can feel it when out shopping, at a block party or during carnival. The narrow streets with their old-style pubs, small boutique stores and bustling street markets will satisfy any kind of craving.

Art aficionados and culture buffs get to splurge to their heart’s content. Art and history museums of every kind offer varied and sophisticated fare: exhibitions showing modern art, Roman history in Germany or the art of making chocolate. The art scene is further supplemented by a lively network of galleries which often present opportunities for young talent fresh out of the prestigious Academy of Media Arts Cologne to get started.

Supplement the microcosmic exploration of the city with a sweeping view of it and its scenic surroundings from its principal landmark, the cathedral, which will reward you for climbing its stairs with a grand vista. It will also reveal another side of Cologne: The city is dotted with vast green spaces, parks and more than 20 nature protection areas that lend themselves to long walks or extended outings. The well-developed local transportation network will swiftly take you around and out of the city where nearby towns and the surrounding countryside are waiting to be explored.

Is it any surprise that Cologne is close to the top of the popularity ranking and that more and more people, especially young ones, decide to move here?

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