Cologne at the Rhine – vibrant life not only at the fifth season

To connect Cologne with its landmark, the cathedral and the carnival seems obvious but it reduces the strength and variety that the biggest city in North Rine-Westphalia has to offer. Even if the ‘fools’ and the towers of the cathedral will forever last in the city scape, Cologne has much more cultural variety to offer and it’s top-notch if you compare it to other cities in the region.

The million inhabitant metropolis is crossed by the enormous river Rhine. Its shores are as diverse as the city life is. No matter if one is just about to head to a panorama cruise trip, strolls through Colognes prestige district Rheinau-Hafen or if one is doing spare time activities in Rheinpark – the city can be enjoyed with all its facets.

It gets even more typical on the left side of the Rhine in the busy streets of the old- and south-town. Originals meet cultural variety – best described with: ‘Hey, you’re a feeling, Cologne’. Shopping, street festivals or carnival – the so called ‘kölsche Leben’ is guaranteed. In narrow streets one finds traditional pubs, charming shops and colorful market life.

Art- and cultural interested people will admire Cologne. Art- as well as historian museums offer a diverse and ambitious program for every taste. So do exhibitions of Modern Art, Roman-Germanic history and the chocolate museum. An additional net of lively galleries and lots of upcoming artists that stay in the city after graduating from the prestigious Art University bring spiced up life into the art scene.

Whoever wants to thread himself with a fantastic view over the city and its surroundings, should climb the stairs of Cologne’s Cathedral – one of the most favored travel destinations in Germany. Up here a different side of Cologne gets revealed: wide-open green areas, parks and over 20 conservation areas cross the cityscape and invite for long relaxing walks. Due to the very favorable public transport system one can easily move in the city itself and into the outskirts.

No surprise that Cologne ranks on top of the popularity scale and more and more, especially young people, tend to move into the Rhine metropolis.


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