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Cologne is a true magnet for people from all over Germany and from everywhere in the world. The open-minded and liberal city with its emphasis on culture and media attracts particularly young and creative people, who often decide to stay for good and to start a family. The local real estate market is just as diverse, and our job is to screen it for you. Would you like to buy a flat for owner-occupancy or are you looking for a buy-to-let condominium? In either case, we may have just what you are looking for. Whether as private investment or for intended owner-occupancy – we will find the optimal solution for you in the southern right-bank part of Cologne, where things are not quite as spectacular as the Kranhäuser buildings across the river. Rather, you will find generous flats with parking space or quaint little properties, just right for getting you started in the real estate business. Take a far-sighted approach, and benefit from the positive performance of flats and houses in the metropolis of Cologne.


Condominium in Cologne-Poll: Here are Your Advantages!

Although Cologne-Poll is officially part of the borough of Porz, it borders directly on the district of Deutz, which puts it within easy reach of the historic town centre on the other side of the Rhine. This means that getting a condominium in Poll combines several advantages.

For one thing, the southern part of Cologne has a comparatively low population and development density, which means that day-to-day life is not quite as fast-paced as downtown. This is particularly important if you are contemplating owner-occupancy. At the same time, you remain close to the inner city, which is just a few minutes away across one of the Rhine bridges. This combination of tranquillity and vibrancy is what makes properties in Cologne-Poll such sought-after investment assets on the local real estate market. Moreover, forecasts predict brisk demographic growth for Cologne in the decades ahead. The necessary housing stock to accommodate everyone is drying up in the inner city, causing surrounding locations—including in Poll—to increase in appeal and value. Far-sighted investors will capitalise on the fact.


Cologne-Poll: Buying a Condominium on Rolshover Kirchweg

As a leading service provider for smart investment properties, we have fascinating flats available for sale in Cologne-Poll. In a multi-dwelling unit on Rolshover Kirchweg, you can have your pick of 17 residential units in the mid-price segment that are being retailed to private buyers. In addition to generously proportioned 2.5-bedroom flats, you will also find small and affordable units plus individually lettable parking spots in the form of indoor garages. The flats are well suited for owner-occupancy, but are even more attractive as investment asset, considering the sustained growth of the city. Rolshover Kirchweg is a quiet street that borders on the cemetery of Deutz. Despite the quiet setting, you are just minutes away from the historic town centre of Cologne and its rich cultural amenities.


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