Cologne-Niehl: Living a stone’s throw away of the inner city

Niehl, as part of district Nippes, is mostly described as the unagitated and lovely district by people living and knowing Cologne. Here one can living in pure calm, in a well-mixed district close to the city center. Niehl is located north of the sought-after old-town and borders the Rhine on the East.

Neusser street as central axis crosses cologne from north to south. In Nippes it becomes a narrow and favored shopping street with loads of shops that are well-known in the region. Stores and restaurants are characterized by cultural variety that influences the district in many ways and embosses its typical character. The best impression can be gained on the daily market at Wilhelmplatz which offers fresh groceries, jewelries, clothes and attracts a lively mixture of nationalities.

Nippes is on one side traditionally influenced by industry. On the other side loads of parks, as the Nippeser Tälchen, the Nordpark and the zoo of Cologne characterize the district. Besides of relaxing trips one can enjoy various sporting activities due to the dense net of sport clubs and facilities. If one is more of an observer – the Cologne racecourse is definitely worth a try. The close-by border of the Rhine invites for long walks or some bike tour.

A walk through the epochs

On architectural scale one walks through different eras in Nippes. The city is shaped due to history by loads of after-war buildings that fit nicely into the cityscape. In Nippes they fill the gaps between old-buildings, as the Luther church, that is known as the cultural church of Cologne. In south Nippes one can find complete streets that still got Gründerzeit facades.

Nippes with its different parts is a district of Cologne with the most influx – during past years the number of residents increased by 10 percent – whereas the average age is strikingly young. The district is in principle – as is Cologne – characterized by continuousness and stability.

A little of everything and still relaxing – that’s the best description for Cologne Niehl. Here one lives in quiet and central location with good connection to the centrum of the Cathedral city. Convince yourself!


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