Capital investment Bedburg – lovely city in between modernism and tradition

Bedburg is located in the city-square of Cologne, Aachen, Düsseldorf and Mönchengladbach and has 25 000 inhabitants. Here, idyllic country life is combined with urban lifestyle. Bedburg is composed by different villages and has various attraction points. The most popular city district Kaster attracts with its medieval village town Alt-Kaster and the numerous landmarked houses. A yearly highlight in summer is the Ricardamarkt, which offers local art craft and culinary highlights. Centrally located in the city, one can find the castle with park, which is the reason why Bedburg is also called ‘castle-city’. Further explorations lead to Lipp with ‘Gut Etgendorf’, the Wind-mill ‘Grottenherten’ or the Rosengart-automotive-museum in Rath. Bedburg puts a surprisingly huge variety forward.

Versatile culture- and spare time living

Bedburg is surrounded by different ancient surface mining areas, now turned into local recreation areas, as for example the Peringsmaar and Kasterer lake, that equally invite bikers and hikers. Water friends can take some relaxing tours on the Erft, a river that calmly roams through the city. A glance at the cultural calendar of the city Bedburg unveils a living local associative culture of different choruses, theaters, the classy carnival events up to history- or art-associations. The biggest yearly event in summer, the ‘MusikMeile’ attracts more than 30 000 visitors from all over Germany to the inner-city of Bedburg.

Good developed infrastructure

The infrastructure in Bedburg is fit to everyone’s age. Besides of different educational institutions as the primary school up to the secondary school, one can also find music- and adult education center as well as a clinic, different medical practices and a geriatric care center. Bedburg is furthermore characterized through its broad service industry and a dense net of retailers. Those retailers and suppliers can be reached easily in the inner-city, while Bedburg is also heavily good connected to the surrounded cities, including the airport Cologne and Düsseldorf, by various train-lines and busses.

Bedburg on innovation expansion

Bedburg is part of the Rhine-Erft-area that, according to the survey ‘Reload2030’ done by the Institute for Economic Research Cologne, has big potential managing the process of structural change. The rural district is part of those regions in Germany that have the highest amount of influx. In future projects, the focus will be more on innovative projects in environment and energy topics in order to attract professionals and to lift up the attractiveness of residential areas. Bedburgs top-notch project ‘terra nova’ gives a glimpse on the possibilities that the area has to offer, as it combines the rural and industrial circumstances with a touristic approach which leads to a foundation for future innovative companies and industries. This will also lead to a changing residential infrastructure and it’ll also affect the demand for living spaces.

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