Buying Condominiums in Cologne – Welcome to the Metropolis on the Rhine!

The eight bridges that span the Rhine River in Cologne could be read as a motto for the city: building bridges!  At first glance, Cologne appears to be a city of colliding opposites. Another look, however, will reveal a city where tradition and modernity coexist harmoniously and locals born and raised here define the convivial lifestyle on the Rhine as much as new arrivals of every kind.

A cultural and economic hub of international significance, Cologne has increasingly drawn young people to the region. Especially as media location, the city bridges the gap between established institutions and innovative ideas. Cologne has been home to the WDR public broadcasting system for over 60 years while the Academy of Media Arts Cologne and the International Film School (ifs) provide platforms for creative media talent, with many of the graduates joining one of the countless film production firms and staying in town.

Cologne: A City between Tradition and Innovation

More than anything else, Cologne is known for its ribald carnival festivities, with floats parading down the streets, locals and large numbers of tourists milling about, but the city has also made a name for itself with its trade fairs. Art Cologne, for instance, is the key trade fair for contemporary art, while Gamescom and another 20 fairs draw trade visitors from all over the world to the city year after year. The number of international exhibitors alone has doubled in recent years, and the foreign peer-to-peer audience has tripled in size. This ties in with the significance of Cologne as the largest education and research location in the region, and the large number of universities in town with their different focus areas suggests as much. A lot of young people launch their careers here, and the opportunity to compare notes with international experts on a regular basis helps them get started in this city.

Cologne’s optimal location with access to every mode of transportation—including by air, water, road and rail—has always made it one of Germany’s main trading places. It’s inland port, which is the second-largest in the country, is supplemented by the nearby Cologne/Bonn Airport and the railway station is one of busiest hubs for passenger and freight transport.

On top of that, Cologne is a city of enjoyment, as you can easily see when strolling through the charming streets of the historic town centre. Go ahead and let this city lure you! Whether you have an affinity for culture and history or love to explore the city by boat or from the top of the cathedral—once you realise what life here is like, you may not want to leave again. 

Making your home in the metropolis on the Rhine means cosmopolitan riverside living in a place where tradition and modernity blend in brilliant ways. If you are considering buying a property in Cologne, be it for owner-occupancy or as buy-to-let investment, in order to bolster your retirement plan, you should take a look at the quietly located condominiums in Cologne-Niehl.


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