Welcome to Cologne, the young city at Rhine!

Spontaneously one directly links three things with Cologne: Colognes cathedral, city at Rhine and of course, carnival. But Cologne is far more than that. The city of over a million inhabitants can easily keep up with other hyped metropolises in Germany. The number of incomers into the biggest city of North Rhine-Westphalia confirms its popularity among younger people. Cologne is especially attracting people due to its prominence as international media center and its density of prestigious universities.

Cologne is naturally characterized by its river, the bridges crossing it and the promenades where one can feel the diverse vibes of the city. No matter, where one moves, one feels welcomed! The so called ‘Kölner’, which means inhabitant of Cologne, is cosmopolitan, with its heart at the right place while not getting stressed by anything and an evening with a ‘Kölsch’, which is a local brewed beer, can last until the early morning hours.

With every step, one strolls throughout Colognes history. Once upon a time Cologne was founded as first Roman settlement, with remains of the old city wall or the port gate, that still tell stories about Cologne’s moving history. People interested in this part of history can gain an impressive insight at the Romanian-Germanic Museum. Coming to presence in cultural aspects, one only needs to step a few meters away into the museum Ludwig for Modern Art. Colognes inner-city has such a variety of fascinating venues to offer, that one almost forgets the numerous attractions that the other districts have.

If one desires to do some shopping, he should consider the legendary antique and flea market that attracts through delicious treasures and unique pieces. Besides that, classy modern shopping centers and pedestrian streets can be found. More scenic boutiques for example can be found in the Belgium district, the most hyped district in Cologne. At eve, numerous bars, pubs, breweries and restaurants invite to relax after long working hours and to enjoy quality time with friends and family.

Cologne – one of the TOP 7 cities in Germany – is a very stable metropolis in Germany. Continuous economic and demographic growth can be found here. The metropolis had 20 000 more residents than last year while the unemployment rate decreased and for some inhabitants the city is a life-long choice. Data proofs: Once one moved to Cologne, chances of staying there forever are pretty likely.



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