Condominium in Cologne: Feeling Fine in this City on the Rhine

Three things instantly come to mind when you hear the name Cologne: the cathedral, the River Rhine and carnival. But, of course, there is so much more to Cologne. In every way, this city of more than a million is one of Germany’s trendiest metropolises. The number of new arrivals in this, the largest city in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, confirms the appeal it has, especially among young people. What makes Cologne so attractive to them is its reputation as an international media location and its high density of prestigious universities and other higher education institutions.

Naturally, Cologne is also characterised by the river with its bridges and promenades that let you experience the vibrant diversity of the city. No matter where you go, you will feel welcome here. Cosmopolitan, amicable and convivial, the natives of Cologne are not easily ruffled and prefer long riverside evenings nursing drafts of the local beer speciality, the Kölsch.

Quiet Condominiums in Cologne: Living Close to Cologne’s Inner City

Every step you take in Cologne, you will be treading on historic ground. Originally founded as a Roman settlement, remains of the city walls or the harbour gate point to Cologne’s rich history, and those who take an interest may immerse themselves in historic detail at the Roman-Germanic Museum right next to the cathedral. Just a few metres on, at the Museum Ludwig for modern art, you may then reconnect to the culture of the present day. Cologne’s inner city alone has such a rich variety of fascinating places to offer that you may simply forget to venture any farther, into the city’s other quarters.

If you love to shop and browse, you should above all check out the legendary antique and flea markets with their often unique and precious merchandise. Of course, you may also embark on a regular shopping spree in modern malls and pedestrian arcades or hip boutiques in the Belgian Quarter, which is the trendy part of Cologne. As the day draws to a close, countless pubs, bars, brew houses and restaurants beckon to you to take it easy after a job well done and to socialise.

Cologne—one of the so-called “Big Seven cities—is one of the country’s most stable metropolises. It keeps registering steady growth figures both in economic and demographic terms. Last year, it added another 20,000 residents to its population of well over one million, while the unemployment rate keeps declining and those already living here are unlikely to leave again, ever. The statistics show: Anyone who makes him- or herself at home here is likely to stay for good.

Well-Appointed Condominiums in Cologne-Niehl

The multi-unit dwellings on Schlenderhaner Strasse were built in 1958, flanking the dead-end road on either side. Located in one of the two three-storey buildings are 2-bedroom flats with convenient floor plans on around 47 square metres of dwelling floor area. The units on the upper floors come with two balconies each. The flat on the ground floor has both a balcony and access to an open space that includes a small dedicated garden section. The houses at Schlenderhaner Strasse 31 to 35 across the street divide into 3-bedroom flats with a floor area of around 67 square metres. Here, too, the upstairs flats on the first and second floor come with balconies that are great for taking it easy in a quiet neighbourhood. The ground floor units have access to a small garden section instead.

Condominiums in Cologne-Poll

As a city of more than a million people, Cologne does not really need a lengthy introduction. The metropolis on the Rhine has long counted among the economically and culturally leading German cities, and is equally fascinating to locals and tourists with its sights, customs and carnival culture.

Condominiums in Rheinberg

Northwest of the Ruhr, where the Lower Rhine meanders without haste through its flood plain, lies Rheinberg. Just like the neighbouring towns of Voerde, Dinslaken or Kamp-Lintfort, Rheinberg combines the tranquillity and ease of the countryside with a convenient proximity to major cities like Duisburg and Essen. The multi-dwelling unit at Katte Kull 38-40 profiled here is located in the Wallach locality of Rheinberg’s district of Borth.

Condominiums in Bedburg

Welcome to Bedburg, located in the Rhine-Erft-area, which is ideally connected to the million metropolises Cologne. The rural district is forecasted, besides of all the metropolises in the region, to have the biggest influx in the next years, while it’s currently already the most populous state. Simultaneously most job offers are open in Rhineland and this leads, according to the IHK, to an economically leading position nationwide. This will affect the influx and the demand for living space in Bedburg.

Condominiums in Cologne

The attractiveness of Cologne is attributable to a number of factors. For one thing, there is its optimal location in a green setting while being connected to all major modes of transportation. Economically, Cologne benefits from its great industrial diversity. While the service sector takes the lead, the automotive industry also plays a key role, as does the media industry. Sound reasons, therefore, why Cologne ranges close to the top of the popularity ranking and why it is one of Germany’s “Big Seven” cities.

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